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  1. mobile gamer

    It looks like apex trailer

  2. PEN Sophanny

    Love this film

  3. Rontube4

    How original.. loki deserves better

  4. Elkin 613

    todos vinimos por missa XD

  5. Manjunath Gopal Rathod

    Incredible actor, Captain Terror

  6. Abi Ramchiary

    Templerun 😆😆😆😆

  7. yatharth seksaria

    If this is mid season than I guess 6th episode isn't last

  8. Leonardo D

    F** you Wyatt, I mean Walker! JK, This show wouldn’t be great without you!

  9. yatharth seksaria

    Hate John walker as much as you want but not Wyatt Russell.

  10. AngeryNook

    Guadalupo nuevo vengador alv

  11. Logan Foco

    Why is no one talking about, “bring your swimsuit”? I spit my water XD

  12. Jyotirmay Chowdhury

    I would love to see the godkiller and ordin bester

  13. AmaZane

    I remember covering my ears the day it came out when I went to my classroom. Because there was this ONE KID that went to the movies really early in the morning to watch it. All I heard was, “captain America turned really old.” I really thought he was lying....

  14. Atok oWatok

    My prediction is, the masked one is ronin aka clint...

  15. Sameer Ansari

    Everyone is hating him bcs of his great acting.

  16. AJ Yu

    Instead of complaining about the hate he's getting let's give him love. I love Wyatt Russell. He is awesome.

  17. Red Riot Kirishima

    When he said we could have been a time. I got chills of how evil his role is. He's very good at acting!

  18. royally thicc

    Most people want to recast Chadwick But not us... 1 Actor 1 Black Panther✊🏾🖤

  19. _ .UdinCilok. _

    Who watch this video until end?

  20. Anish Pandey

    Watt tussle acting is incredible 👍 👍

  21. camila Labra Castellanos

    OMG 3 years!!!

  22. Lego Man

    I like Marvel but my dad won’t get Disney plus because they fired a Gena lady

  23. Nick Blackmoore

    I just can’t stop to watch this, 1 week later hahahaha THANK U MARVEL

  24. Maxine Storm

    Team Zemo <3

  25. momond


  26. Pranjal Pandey

    I want to live this moment again.😭😭

  27. Elliott Halcon

    F U to the 8.6k ppl who disliked. u are some sort of messed up

  28. sean ahmed

    "You can only do so much!" LMAO. Wyatt Russell's acting is spot on, despite the fact that in real life he has can't even tell Marvel from DC!!!

  29. Jayvardhan Haldaniya

    Really I don't thought that black panther movie is coming R.I.P Chadwick boseman

  30. ThatOneAsian

    He made us all hate John Walker’s Captain America because he’s such a good actor

  31. h9km

    hate the character, NOT THE ACTOR. sheesh people are dumb.

  32. Movie Sync

    2nd time he's a super-soldier

  33. Mithun Kumar

    Imagine what would happen if louis from the ant man franchise have to sign for whatever he said by the TVA , it would take decades to sign 😂😂😂

  34. Maverick Y.

    Ok RYAN!

  35. Jay Elex

    Honestly this is the marvel show I am most excited for. Can't wait.

  36. DanishLee

    Marvel made a 1 Hour of Zemo dancing. *Yes, now I can see him Vibing 24 Hours*

  37. hector cruz

    I love u m8

  38. Chayla Leticia Pratista 1318022

    i just realize Scott called Clint "arrow guy"

  39. John Johnson

    The dumbest of all marvel movies

  40. thatonenewyoutuber

    Few Good Thing This Movie Wasn’t Made In 2019 *If You Know What I’m Talking About*

  41. My Mind


  42. Anonymous

    👎🏻 trash just like the last avenger game

  43. Jason Ayra

    1:16 Can you imagine getting paid to do that?

  44. Fernanda Rodrigues

    Wyatt Russell is a great actor 👏👏❤❤


    This time please for pc

  46. TimeshaperYT Codm

    im confused, how does he have a beard

  47. Darth Vader


  48. clutch swav


  49. lexi lex


  50. MARVEL future


  51. Menan Noob

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  52. Peter Schumacher

    It’s so funny seeing Ward so peppy 😂

  53. Mirelsa Stuart

    I dont like the JW. Captain amica

  54. Mr. Awesome

    Gosh I wish it was still 2019.

  55. Ankit Choudhary

    My Captain America is Steve Rogers Marvel has disrespected his role. Shame on you Marvel

  56. isa arif

    I think it was all natural instinct to hate John Walker not the actor! However as each episode has progressed I love him as a villain. His acting is incredible for that role. Hopefully he continues on in the MCU after this show

  57. Marek Frąszczak


  58. Ahmad ayoubi

    "what did i do to deserve this" you did everything you could RIP 💔

  59. nightwingman666

    Kind of find it ironic the voice actor for Klaw is usually best known for playing Wolverine.

  60. Ajay Kumar Verma

    Wow machane karne wali hai movie

  61. Ruby Korman

    I wonder if he was planning on buying the Xbox from NoobMaster69.

  62. Human Being

    who was dressed as doctor strange in the 80’s?

  63. Ruby Korman

    Man next Friday we get the end to a "movie" that is not only longer than Zack Snyder Justice League but also much better. This is why marvel is so much better than DC in the live action industry.

  64. Michael Millerski

    We all miss you bruh! You are and will be one of the greatest actors of all time. Thank you for sharing your talents. The entire black world 🌎 love you! Rest in Peace out beautiful Prince!!

  65. Jacob Ganesh

    You're awesome bro...🔥

  66. Baha Souf

    can anyone tell me what is the big deal with this dance ? i mean everyone is talking about Zemo's dance and sharing it but i still don't get it :(

  67. Over Time

    Did “tell it animation” animate this?

  68. Legion

    *Dang! That intro reminded me of homelander, lol.*

  69. Samuel Olabayo

    This is unrelated to the video posted But why didn't the SHIELD agents help The AVENGERS in the fight against Thanos and his Army I need answers pls , I don't know if the question looks dumb but I need answers 🥺

  70. Dead pool

    One thing I notice all time he look different all time .

  71. Priscilla Brañanola

    I'm so excited to watch this movie I can't wait 🥺🥰🥰🥰

  72. MorningStar

    I miss Tommy and Billy

  73. JAYE

    Bring this back

  74. 501st legion

    This is the reason marvel is awesome

  75. sean ahmed

    Ive had a crush on him ever since world war z

  76. Mindi Christoffersen

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you your new black panther! Travis scott!

  77. Rooster Bock

    “The Captain” is just the us agent

  78. ItStaredBackV2

    SPOILERS FOR THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 0:28 you can actually see John's DIY shield.

  79. VC's Art Force

    The Ironman suit with Wakanda tech on

  80. Farisa Smith

    That fight scene was amazing. I've watched it so many times. They need their own series. Isn't there a dora milaje comic storyline are they go on missions? Yeah, that would be awesome!!